Practice to make the perfect putt!

Here are some great tips we found for making the perfect putt!

3 drills that will build a great putting stroke

By Todd McGill
Source: GolfWRX

When you find yourself scratching your head because of all the putts you’re missing, take the time to hit the practice green and work out the kinks. All players go through slumps and face times when their stroke needs touching up, these three drills will go a long way in helping to reestablish a solid putting motion.

1. 4 Tee Drill
This drill is great for focusing on center contact as well as helping to maintain a square putter face through impact.
Most players will associate this drill with the two tees that many players on tour use for solid contact. But what makes this drill different is that by having two sets of tees, it forces us to have a good takeaway, as well as a good, follow through. Just have the two sets spaced 3 to 5 inches apart with the openings of the two sets being slightly wider than your putter. From there, any unwanted lateral movement with your putting stroke will be met by a tee.

2. Coin Drill
This drill pertains to those who tend to look up before hitting a putt which throws off our follow through and makes us manipulate the head. We do this for different reasons, though none of them are justifiable. Because those that keep their head down through the stroke will allow you to have better speed, control and just make a better stroke in general.
To perform this drill, just place the ball on top of the coin and make your stroke. Focusing on seeing the coin after you hit your putt before looking up.

3. Maintain the Triangle drill
One of the biggest things that I see in high handicap golfers or just bad putters, in general, is that they either don’t achieve an upside-down triangle from their shoulders, down the arms, and into the hands as pictured above. If they do, it often breaks down in their stroke. Either way, both result in an inconsistent strike and stroke motion. It also makes it harder to judge speed and makes it easier to manipulate the face which affects your ability to get the ball started online.
I use a plastic brace in the photo to hold my triangle, however, you can use a ball or balloon to place in between the forearms to achieve the same thing.
These three drills will help you establish proper muscle memory and promote strong techniques to help you roll the rock!

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ASCE Tournament

How to hit the deceptive ‘fluffy’ lie chip shot, according to a three-time PGA Tour winner

By GOLF Editors

PGA Tour player Russell Henley explains how to hit the tricky, fluffy chip shot…

You missed the green, but hey, the ball’s sitting up in the rough. Good, right? Maybe. In this situation, it’s not always certain how the ball will come out. As with all short-game shots, crisp contact is the key.

Step 1: Even if you’re short-sided, refrain from opening the face too much. With the ball up, you risk sliding the club right underneath it if you add extra loft. The ball won’t go anywhere. I keep the face square in this situation, or barely opened if I really need more loft to stop it close.

Step 2: I swing as if I’m hitting a little draw, with the club moving in-to-out and my hands rolling over slightly through impact. This helps the club remain shallow, which usually results in cleaner contact. My main thought is to get as many grooves on the ball as possible. Think “glide,” not “chop.”

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NCGA Four-Ball Results from Dragonfly

Kim and Silva pair up to take the title on Saturday, April 13 at Dragonfly Golf Club.

Use the link below for full results.

Brent Grant wins Fresno Open at Dragonfly Golf Club

1 Brent Grant  Murrieta, CA $2,300.00 -13 68 69 69 206
T2 Connor Blick  Alamo, CA $1,050.00 -10 73 69 67 209
T2 Jeremy Tuggy  Los Angeles, CA $1,050.00 -10 73 68 68 209
T2 Coy Dobson  Austin, TX $1,050.00 -10 70 68 71 209
5 Mikey McGinn  Porterville, CA $750.00 -8 69 71 71 211
T6 Trevor Clayton  Clovis, CA $600.00 -6 75 69 69 213
T6 Patrick Grimes  Menlo Park, CA $600.00 -6 67 74 72 213
T8 Michael Feuerstein  La Jolla, CA $250.00 -5 71 74 69 214
T8 Alex Franklin  San Rafael, CA $250.00 -5 67 72 75 214

Additional Scores:

Scores and Leaderboard – Fresno Open at Dragonfly

Final round scheduled for 8:00 AM on Friday, April 12.

Walking spectators allowed



Scores and Leaderboard – Fresno Open at Dragonfly

2nd round to commence at 8:00 AM on Thursday, April 11.

Final round scheduled for 8:00 AM on Friday, April 12.

Walking spectators allowed